Dolly Sods Before the Storm

Last fall (2010) Dr. Ed Snyder and I took his Physical Geology class on a field trip to Spruce Knob, Seneca Rocks, Black Water Falls, and Dolly Sods in Eastern West Virginia. I am in love with the natural beauty of my new home state. This picture was taken at Dolly Sods. It is late afternoon and a thunder storm is rolling in. It was a welcome sight after the severe drought of the previous summer. However, the rain was too-little-too-late for the wild blueberries on the trail. They were sour and small and not much of a meal for the wild animals that depend on them for sustenance. Across the valley from where I stand in the Mount Storm Power Plant and its beautiful wind turbines that stretch along the ridge. The night before we camped at the base of Spruce Knob along Seneca Creek. The sky was clear and the stargazing was superb. The morning after this shot, we hiked to the top of Seneca Rocks. The weather was cool but the sun was warm creating powerful updrafts that made the yellow leaves on the trees fall upward toward the sky.